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Hand Reader Enclosures

JANTEK ELECTRONICS provides a full line of enclosures to protect your HandKey terminals from the elements. Three different, proven solutions are available to ensure your hand reader performs and keeps performing regardless of your environment.

 HandKey II Features  HandNet 2.0 Software


Ideally suited for the coldest climates and industrial environments, the Blizzard enclosure is constructed of heavy-gauge zinc-coated steel and features a weather-sealed keypad, low temperature display and heated interior. Even though it protects from incident rain and weather, the unit should be mounted under an enclosure or awning. The Blizzard enclosure is a fully integrated unit and comes complete with HandKey terminal and internal heater.


A little rain never hurt anyone, and a lot of rain won’t hurt the Hurricane enclosure. Constructed from high-impact ABS plastic, the unit is designed for direct weather. A generous lid offers protection from driving rain, and the contoured design facilitates water runoff. The Hurricane has been designed so it can be added to an existing installation. When used with a heater-equipped hand reader (INT-HTR option), it provides the ultimate solution for cold weather, direct exposure environments.


For the harshest environments, the Tsunami enclosure is water sealed and built to NEMA type 4 standards. The HandKey terminal is protected from both splashing rain and hose-directed water, making it an ideal solution for industrial and food processing areas where hose-directed water is used for cleaning. In addition, when used with a heater-equipped hand reader (INT-HTR option), the Tsunami enclosure can withstand the bleakest of environments.

Integrated Heater Option

The INT-HTR option includes an integrated heating element, a 24v power supply and an extended range LCD. The temperature-regulated heater element is built into the platen, where users place their hand, providing comfortable and trouble-free use even in the coldest environments. The heater is built directly into the HandKey terminal. Therefore, it must be ordered at the same time the hand reader is ordered and is not field-retrofittable.

Although intended primarily for use with an enclosure, the INT-HTR option may be used in cooler environments where an enclosure is not required, such as an unheated warehouse.

 HandKey II Features  HandNet 2.0 Software

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