About Us

JANTEK ELECTRONICS, INC. is an established manufacturer of time management and security access systems.

Our Company

JANTEK ELECTRONICS, INC. is an established manufacturer of Workforce Management / Time and Attendance, and security access systems with the corporate office located in Temple City, California. Since 1986, we have provided time and attendance and shop floor control systems, access control systems, and security-related products to private industries and government institutions. We have also produced OEM and white-labeled our licensed products for major corporations

At JANTEK, the emphasis has always been customer satisfaction, on meeting customer needs with the right products for their particular applications. A commitment to excellent quality, competitive pricing, and on-time delivery have enhanced our reputation as a systems solution company.
Supporting this commitment is the immediate accessibility to our end-users of our Manufacturing, Research and Development, Technical Support, Marketing and Administrative Departments, all of which are ready to serve you. We maintain a complete inventory of equipment, spare parts and finished products. Our Technical Support group, along with our prompt and experienced Service Department, can support both on-site and remote installations.

Our commitment to quality control is evident in our requirement that all equipment and software packages pass a stringent battery of tests before delivery. To our end-users, this means less on-site down time during and after installation, further reducing overall operating costs. With over 8,000 satisfied customers nationwide, JANTEK continues with its objective of providing its customers with the most effective, economical and efficient computerized time management system on the market.

JANTEK’s objective is to provide your company the most economical and efficient computerized time and attendance system with account/task/labor tracking and/or controlled security access systems using employee input through a wide selection of data collection devices.