Standard version timekeeping

Jupiter 9.0 Standard

Complete Time Management for Today’s Business Needs

The Jupiter 9.0 Time and Attendance System is an integrated software / hardware combination that allows companies total control over their employees’ time and attendance data. The system offers unparalleled performance, with the flexibility and functionality required for today’s business environment. 

Jupiter automatically consolidates, calculates and processes your information for reporting and communicating directly to your outside payroll service or in-house payroll system. In addition it will generate all kinds of management reports upon which informed, timely decisions can be made.


Automates time and attendance data calculation and reporting.

Eliminates traditional punch cards, job tickets or time sheets.

Reduces clerical errors associated with manual calculations.

Process payroll in seconds instead of hours or days.

Easy to use management reports with available custom report generator.

Handles multiple job or department transfers and rate changes.

Archives historical data for easy retrieval of year-to-date information.

Full-featured scheduling by employee, department or job.

Can be used stand-alone or on network. Compatible with Windows networks with Windows workstaitons (7/8/8.1/10) and Windows Server (2008/2008R2/2012/2012R2/2016), as well as Linux (with Samba) file server environments for unlimited users (subject to server client license limitations).

Exports payroll data to over 200 payroll programs and service providers.

Automatically computes available vacation and sick hours (with Accrual module). Additional module available to allow employees to request/view their own accrued hours.

Screen-based password security limits users access to information and functions.

Audit trail report displays tracks all changes to data for user accountability.

Connect up to 32 JTA-350PC timeclocks via RS-485 connection.

Unlimited remote clocks.

ODBC compliant, non-proprietary database for connectivity to other applications.