Job Costing / Tracking

Jupiter 8.41 Job Costing System

The Jupiter 8.41 Time Management and Job Costing System gives you up-to-date information on the utilization of your labor resources.

With up to six user definable grouping levels, the system automatically records and calculates employee attendance for payroll processing and tracks all job costs to the minute. It tracks job performance for review and compensation planning, provides visibility to actual costs for accurate quoting and job estimation, and tracks detail for lead-time improvement.

Job Tracking terminals support numerous input devices such as CCD barcode and laser scanners for rapid, accurate, on-floor data collection. The job costing report generator allows sorting on all grouping levels, producing thousands of possible report combinations.

6 possible employee grouping levels, with up to 15 alphanumeric characters each. Dynamic structure (number of characters for field IDs can be adjusted at any time).

Unlimited network users, unlimited open job/work order numbers.

Job transfers can be tracked at up to six levels. Module can be set to one of two configurations, allowing single jobs or multiple simultaneous jobs at any period.

Barcode or CCD scanner can be used for level transfer input. Function keys can be programmed to accept up to 6 different level transfer combinations.

Standard time and attendance reports plus more than 10,000 possible job cost report combinations. Optional Report Writer module available for user defined reports.

34 special pay policy options, including job cost lunch pay rules, fixed job/break time rules and job idle time reimbursement.

Time and attendance functions from Jupiter Time & Attendance System.