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Automated Attendance Policies and Attendance Tracking for City Employees

One of the city in North Carolina use Jantek’s SQL client-server Time and Attendance system to automatically track over a thousand city employees’ time consistently and accurately.

  • Non-exempt city employees use Jantek to clock in and clock out. The North Carolina Wage and Hour Act (WHA) allows the rounding of time worked if the rounding is consistent “up and down.” This city uses Jantek’s Time and Attendance System to manage its hourly employees’ regular and overtime pay. At the same time, they can also use their attendance data captured to discipline employees for working unapproved overtime hours.
  • The same system is used to manage their On-Call (Standby) pay policy and efficiently managing call-back for nonexempt employees that may be required to be available and/or to work outside the regular schedule. Their call-back pay is configured as follows:
    • A minimum of X hours pays at time and one-half the regular hourly pay rate, even when the time spent back on the job is less than X hours.
    • Pay for actual hours worked at time and one-half the regular hourly pay rate if hours worked exceeds X.

Automated Accrual Leave Management and Leave Tracking for All City Employees

In addition to using Jantek’s timekeeping solution to automate and streamline management of their city government’s attendance pay policies, they also use Jantek’s paid time off (PTO) feature, Accrual Management, to streamline their accrual processes and track various leave policies for vacation, personal time, and sick hours.

Improved Payroll Accuracy, Productivity, and Efficiency

Jantek’s Time and Attendance / Workforce Management solution is used to automatically calculate work hours for payroll process, eliminating chances of any error or discrepancy that might occur during the manual calculation of wages, bonuses, and overtime compensations. As a result, this city government’s payroll administrators spend less time doing manual administrative work, while staying in line with the FLSA rules and overtime regulations and refocus their efforts on their employees.

Summary – Timekeeping for Government Entities

Jantek’s Time and Attendance / Workforce Management system provides this city with a more efficient and productive attendance and leave tracking solutions. It reduces their administrative burden on supervisors, managers, and payroll administrators so that they can spend more time engaging and collaborating with their employees.