Client/Server Version Timekeeping

Jupiter 9.0 CS

True Client/Server Time & Attendance Software
Does your company:

Have a large number of employees or a large database?

Have a large number of concurrent software users?

Use a Wide Area Network (WAN)?

Want to reduce network traffic?

Want to improve security on your network?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Jantek’s Jupiter 9.0 CS SQL version is the answer for you.

Jupiter 9.0 cs

Jupiter 9.0 CS is a true client/server version and based on Microsoft SQL (2000 or later) database architecture (Linux PostgreSQL version is also available), which utilizes a multi-dimensional database on the SQL Server. All the software modules in Jupiter 9.0 such as Web Punch, Web Pay Data, and Phone Punch share the same database and are compatible with this SQL version. 

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a centralized processing database system. All requests coming from client workstations are processed on the SQL server. When client workstations request data, the server will process that data and send only the applicable data to the client. In non-SQL environments, the client receives the entire database which increase network traffic, and causes a heavier processing load for the server and client PCs. Simple inquiries of the database can become very time consuming with non-SQL environments, and performance can degrade with each additional concurrent user.

Advantages of Using Jupiter 9.0 CS

Jupiter 9.0 CS is an ideal solution for mid-sized businesses, or for large enterprises that need to have a large number of workstations running the software at the same time. The Client/Server architecture allows for more workstations without significantly increasing network traffic (which is what generally happens with non-Client/Server applications). This product is a comprehensive solution and especially suited for enterprises with more than 300 employees (or 10+ concurrent software users). 

Note: SQL Server software is not supplied by Jantek. Customers must have already installed SQL Server with the appropriate licensing for the maximum number of concurrent users.

Significant decrease in network traffic.

Processing of database inquiries are processed on the server.

Software speed will increase, where large databases exist.

Can support several hundred concurrent software users.

Drastic improvements in PC-Punch module.

Client workstations only receive requested data. (Instead of the whole database).

Increased WAN/LAN/VPN communication speeds.

Remote access connections are significantly increased.

Higher level of security rights.

Trouble-free upgrade from Jupiter versions 8.32 and 9.0.