Time and Attendance Software Features

Jupiter 9.0 Time Attendance Software Features


With Jupiter 9.0 Time Attendance Software, setting up employees is as easy as can be: import them from existing employee databases such as payroll service packages or human resource systems, or key the information in manually at the conveniently formatted entry screen. Whichever way you choose, it only takes a few steps.
The Edit Employee screen groups together in pages all related information and provides links to other setup screens, allowing you the easy access to policies, shifts, grouping levels, department or job definitions and more. Entering a new employee whose pay policy hasn’t been defined yet? Click a button to create the pay policy on the fly.
The entry screens also allow input of multiple pay rates for different jobs and free-format notes with day/time stamps for Human Resource purposes. With a digital camera or scanner, you can associate pictures with employee files for positive identification and badge printing purposes.


Jupiter 9.0 Time Attendance Software offers maximum flexibility in setting up pay policies, covering as many rules as possible. Since company policies, labor rules and contracts change as your company grows, adding new policies and changing existing ones should be quick and painless. The Pay Policy screens allow the configuration of policies in a simple, step-by-step fashion.
Basic rules are grouped together in screen pages to avoid the difficulty of sorting through strictly optional rules before the system can be up and running. On-line, context sensitive help provides clear details on each field and button on screen, saving your valuable time.

Attendance Management

On occasion, you may need to edit timecards (for example when an employee forgets to punch IN or OUT). The Time Card Edit screen gives you the complete tools to quickly locate exceptions that require correction.
The Time Card Edit screen displays all punches and calculated hours in a convenient, easy to understand format. Buttons at the bottom of the screen allow immediate access to editing windows and supporting information.
The exception report button provides links to all employee records, simplifying correction procedures. Clicking on an item on the exception list immediately takes you to that record, allowing you to make corrections with a click of a button. Another click takes you back to the exception list for more editing.
When corrections are made to a timecard, all hours are recomputed, and required adjustments for daily and weekly overtime are applied automatically.


The scheduling tools in Jupiter Time Attendance for Windows simplify the task of scheduling employees. Schedules can be set up for individual employees or created for entire departments or job designations.
Schedules can be based on employee’s normal shifts, or copied from weekdays, other weeks or other employees. Schedules may also be generated from defined repeating day cycles, or created for whole departments in a few simple steps. A quick reference chart shows you projected daily schedules to ensure proper staffing during peak and non-peak hours.
Calendar-type reports give employees and supervisors quick, graphic looks at their schedules for them to note accordingly. Jupiter Time Attendance Systems offers your company the power to quickly respond to the demands of the work environment and make sound business decisions.

Auto Procedure

Jupiter 9.0 Time Attendance Software can be set to execute predetermined instructions such as data collection and reporting at certain times of the day, such as after office hours or when the facility is closed down. Procedures can be set to run hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or for specific dates and times.

Report Generator

Jupiter 9.0’s Time Attendance Report Generator and its selection of pre-formatted reports offers you a clear picture of your company, giving you and your department heads the information you need to make the right decisions.
Think of it: all the time and labor reports you could ask for at the touch of a button. Report categories include:

  • Time and Attendance Reports
  • Labor Reports
  • Management Reports
  • Human Resource Reports
  • Exception Reports
  • Scheduling Reports
  • Audit Trails Reports

Within each of these header categories there is a further breakdown of report selections. Definable parameters allow you to limit the coverage of your reports.

Custom Reports

Jupiter 9.0’s standard reports are designed to cover as much of your needs as possible. However, each company is unique, and you may have your own particular report requirements. The Data Dictionary option allows companies to gather data directly from the Jupiter database for use in a 3rd party program such as Crystal Reports.* There you can create, format and store your own custom reports.


The archiving feature compresses and stores old time card information, freeing valuable hard drive space and reducing system processing time by moving data off-line. All archived information can be retrieved, viewed and printed in any of the standard report formats.
Any time period can be restored, allowing auditing of past infractions such as tardiness, absences, and early departures, providing an invaluable way to resolve labor disputes based on past performance. All information can be brought back to current format allowing you to analyze labor cost information on a then/now basis.

Payroll Interfaces

Jupiter 9.0 Time Attendance software has over 150 payroll interfaces available, allowing connectivity to your company’s payroll service provider or in-house payroll system. Interfaces assure that data transfers are 100% accurate and save valuable employee time. Interfaces can be set to transfer shift differential, labor distribution and job tracking information if required. Payroll details can be viewed and changed before final conversation and transmission.


A complete copy of all data files can be backed up and stored in compressed format for convenience and portability. When restoring data to later software revisions, the backup data structure is automatically adjusted to match the current version.

Multi-Level Security

Jupiter 9.0 Time Attendance software provides screen level, window based security. Each screen may be blocked off for selected users, and details such as dollar values and personal information may be made invisible. Users’ views may be restricted to specific groups of employees.
The system also maintains full audit trails, allowing accountability and recreation of activities for administrative purposes.

On-line Help

Jupiter 9.0 Time Attendance software comes with on-line, context sensitive help screens, including detailed explanations for each screen as well as detail setup procedures. Each help-screen also comes with the actual screen set to help you understand each data field.
And much more..

Optional Modules


The Accruals module automatically calculates benefit hours such as sick and vacation time based on your company’s policies and restrictions. The system performs availability checks when entering these hours at the time card edit screen, preventing the use and payment of hours not yet earned.
Accrual reports display the number of hours accrued, earned, used and available for review by supervisors and management.

Vacation Request/Approval

The Vacation Request/Approval module allows for employees to directly request vacation or PTO through a simple interface. Employees can login and request time under any Jantek pay code.
Supervisors use a separate interface for viewing employee requests and can approve or reject these requests as necessary. Once a request has been approved, it can then be posted into the employee’s time card through the same interface.


The lockout module allows managers to restrict employee punches to certain times of the day. Default lockout times can be set for all employees for the entire facility, or for individual employees following their shifts and schedules (only for Card Reader JTA 350 with 512 memory) and Timezones (only for Hand Readers models). Each Timezone has 63 user define timezones on each clock controlling access and limiting unauthorized overtime.

Access Control

With Jupiter 9.0, your access control needs are only a module away. This cost-effective addition allows companies to restrict access to the entire building and/or certain secure areas with the same easy to use software as is used for Time & Attendance. Electromagnetic locks can be connected to our data collection terminals to trigger a door to open with a valid swipe.

Employee Self-Service

The employee (& supervisor) can view the employee’s worked hours, personal hours, earnings, and shift/schedule for the current and previous pay periods.
The employee’s available accrued hours (Sick, Vacation, etc.) can also be viewed if your Jantek software has the accrual module.
The Employee Self Service software allows employees to request Paid Time Off through an easy-to-use interface. An employee can also see whether a request has been approved or denied.
Supervisors use a separate interface for viewing employee requests and can approve or reject these requests as necessary. Once a request has been approved, it is automatically posted into the employee’s time card.

Web Punch

Utilizing the latest Internet technologies, Web Punch enables you to use your web browser to register employees’ punches and to manage employee attendance in real time.

Employees punch IN and OUT through the internet, anywhere in the world.

Web Punch CS

Similar to Web Punch, employees can punch IN and OUT through the Internet or company intranet. This version integrates directly to the SQL database, eliminating the need to collect data.

In addition, powerful messaging features alert users when there are unviewed public and/or private messages. Employees can also review total hours worked in the pay period and previous punches.