FTP Merge

The FTP Merge module from Jantek automates the process of transmitting and receiving employee and timecard information from a company’s branches to the headquarters Jupiter Time & Attendance database. This module uses a FTP server that either the company, Jantek, or a service provider hosts. 

Each branch runs a utility that automatically consolidates and transfers the data to the designated FTP server. Once all data has been transmitted, headquarters would run a companion utility to retrieve all the branches’ information and merge it to the main database.

Software Features

No Wide-Area Network (WAN) is required; leased lines are expensive, costing up to $1500/month per line.

No dedicated Internet connection is required at any location, including headquarters.

Branches manage their own employees’ information.

Pay policies at headquarters’ database can be preserved so any changes made at each location would not overwrite the global settings.

Automates the transfer and retrieval of employee and timecard information.

Eliminates the need to keep track of which branches have submitted their employees’ data; this information is available on-screen.