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JTA250-HID Time Clock

Use your existing HID prox cards for time & attendance.

Jantek’s JTA250-HID Time Clock can read standard 26-bit, 34-bit, 36-bit Wiegand format HID prox cards and key fobs. (Formats used by most access control vendors) Other custom formats are also available by request.

The JTA250- HID Time Clock works with Jantek’s standard Windows Time & Attendance software and the powerful client/server SQL Time & Attendance software. There are more than 250 payroll interfaces available for Jantek Time & Attendance software.

The JTA250-HID Time Clock features public and private messaging that allows management to send messages via the clock to all employees or selected employees. Two software programmable function keys allow for department or job transfers, entry of tips, or the viewing of the employee’s last punch. Optional features include lockout times when employees are locked out from punching IN or OUT, bell ringing and door opening functionality.

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