Merge Module

Jantek’s Merge Module allows companies that have multiple locations without a wide-area network (WAN) to effectively collect data and manage their employees times from each location, then submit the finalized times to the corporate headquarters for payroll processing. 

When the corporate headquarters uses the Merge Module, any employee information changed at each location can be imported to reflect the current data. Headquarters can decide whether the pay policy settings made at each location should be used, or ignored to apply a standard rule to all calculations including rounding, lunch deductions, and daily/weekly overtime.

Software Features

No Wide-Area Network (WAN) is required; leased lines are expensive, costing up to $1500/month per line.

No dedicated Internet connection is required at any location, including headquarters.

Branches manage their own employees’ information.

Pay policies at headquarters’ database can be preserved so any changes made at each location would not overwrite the global settings.

Data can be transferred in a variety of methods, including floppy disk, email, and FTP.