PC-Based Access Control

Organizations of all sizes are realizing the benefits of replacing their old key- based systems for controlling access to buildings with electronic access control systems. Besides for lower operating costs, a PC-based system benefits you with ease of administration. A good example is when keys are lost, locks would need to be replaced to maintain security. On the other hand, a card-based access control system allows lost cards simply to be cancelled. Cards are also interchangeable between access control and swipecard timeclocks. 

Card access control systems also increase security levels, by controlling which parts of a building can be accessed, and by whom. A PC-based, networked access control system, will maintain control from a central location and provide reports on the movements of employees and visitors throughout the building.

JST-400 Four Door Controller

PC programmable, controls 1 to 4 readers.

Supports 1,000 card users. Expandable to 5,000 card users.

Daisy-chain with other JST-400 units.

One time zone group per reader, 7 time zones per time zone group, 2 time zone levels per time zone.

One office hour automated opening schedule per reader, one holiday group per controller.

3,000 event history transaction buffer.

Four form C door access relays.

Supports card readers and keypad use.

Supports proximity, Wiegand, magnetic stripe, and barcode readers.

Standard RS-232 communication interface, optional RS-485 and optional Ethernet adapter.

Supports 4 external push-buttons for door opening.

JAS WIN Access Control Software

Supports Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and Windows network environments (optionally Linux server with Samba).

True multi-user, multi-tasking operating systems allow multiple users to work at the same time.

Flexible and simple system download capability for fast installation and testing.

Simple intuitive employee card download verification.

Controls up to 128 readers, up to 512 readers optional.

Supports 5,000 users, expandable to 10,000 users.

128 time zone groups programmable.128 office hour automated opening schedules.

Programmable company holidays. Multi-level password protection.

User-friendly software, many reports available.

Controls multiple JST-400 units.

Employee database is compatible with Jupiter Time & Attendance System, allowing for direct import from JTAWIN Jupiter v9.0.