Phone punch

Jantek’s Phone Punch is a new cost-effective attendance solution that compliments our 32-bit Jupiter 9.0 Time & Attendance software. Employees are able to punch IN and OUT using any touch-tone telephone.

To activate Phone Punch you’ll need the Jupiter 9.0 software, JPP-4 Phone Punch module, at least one 4-line telephone card and the associated device driver software.

The Phone Punch JPP-16 module can handle up to 16 telephone lines.

Software Features

Database is ODBC compliant and transactions can be imported into the Jupiter Time & Attendance system.

Phone numbers can be marked as accepted or rejected in order to restrict which phone numbers from which employees may dial in.

When the employee calls the dedicated phone number for Phone Punch the system will prompt the employee with a sequence of punch requests:

  • Employee number
  • Employee password
  • Punching IN
  • Punching OUT
  • Level change (e.g. Branch, Department, and/or Job) (Note: Jantek’s Phone Punch system defaults as Branch, Dept, and Job or to your custom levels 1-3)
  • Reads and stores Caller ID information (where available) so you can see the telephone number the transaction was made from.


    A dedicated PC-based server is recommended for Phone Punch.

    Hardware: Must install the 4- or 16-line telephone card on your server.

    Phone Punch module, Java runtime environment, and device drivers for the telephone card are all installed on your server.

    Operating System: Computer running Phone Punch must have Windows 10 Professional or Windows Server (2008 R2 or later) installed on it.