JTA-350 PC Time Clock

The JTA-350PC card reader time clock is the standard data collection terminal for the Jupiter series of Time and Attendance and Job Costing systems. Employees use these swipe card terminals to punch IN and OUT, and to record department or job transfers.

In addition, the JTA-350 badge swipe time clock can display multiple private and public messages via the large, easy to read LCD screen. Employees can request to see their total hours worked to date for the current pay period, and review previous punches. With more memory, stability and optional features than other clocks, this badge reader is for companies serious about their employee’s time. The JTA-350 badge clock can be programmed to read most barcode or magstripe card formats.

Time Clock Features

PC based for stability, programmable in C, PASCAL, and BASIC.

512K RAM standard, optional lockout and job costing functions.

Retains last 5000 punches which can be recovered in case of data loss (example: if hard drive crashes)

Six programmable function keys that can be set for:

  • Department or Job transfers
  • Opening doors (with lockout module, relay and electronic door lock)
  • Viewing previous punches
  • Entering special pay code hours like vacation or sick time.
  • Entering tips, bonuses or other earning pay codes.
  • Displaying total hours
  • Name verification - swiping displays the card holder’s name (clock can store 1000 names)
  • Total hours display for pay period when swiping IN or OUT, or with a function key.

    Programmable bell schedule for ringing electric bells (requires bell relay kit) – each day of the week can have 50 different ring times.

    Public and private messaging.

    Barcode, Magnetic Stripe, Barium Ferrite, Wiegand, or Proximity readers.

    Automatic daylight saving time feature.

    Accepts barcode wand, slot reader, CCD & laser diode scanner (plug & play).

    Supervisor badge functions - add or delete punches, enter pay code hours like vacation or sick time for employees.

    Optional lockout feature for preventing early punch-in and late punch-out (prevents unauthorized overtime) – internal schedule holds 2 week lockout profile for each employee.

    Can be used with electric locking systems (requires relay kit & hardware) to grant access to the facility or a secure area in the building with a valid swipe.

    Optional 14.4 kbps modem for remote sites (350MR056)

    One clock can be hooked up to internal modem, or external modem can be hooked to RS485 converter to allow 32 clocks to be chained together to the modem.

    Optional Ethernet adaptor connects to your existing IPX or TCP/IP network (350MR055).

    Hardware compatible with NT5000


    CPU16-bit 8088 compatible microprocessor, programmable in C, Basic, PASCAL, etc
    ROMDOS emulator, file transfer utility, setup and diagnostic in 128 K EPROM
    Keypad20-key industrial membrane keypad with tactile feedback and 7 programmable function keys
    Display2 x 16 backlit liquid crystal display (LCD)
    Power+13.5V DC @ 800mA
    Backup Battery3V Lithium battery, 190mA/hr, up to 15,000 hours of power down backup to retain data
    EthernetOptional internal Ethernet card connects to your existing IPX  or TCP/IP network (350MR055).
    ModemOptional internal 14,400 baud modem, AT command compatible (350MR056).
    ScannersSupports barcode wand, slot reader, CCD and laser diode scanners
    Bar CodeReads all commonly used conventions: code 3 of 9, interleaved 2 of 5, EAN/UPC, CODA BAR, Code 128
    Magnetic StripeHigh density, track 2 ( Track 1 & Track 3 optional )
    Proximity or Wiegand26-bit, 34-bit and 36-bit Wiegand formats
    Badge Slot6-pin flat connector (built-in type)
    Barcode ScannerD-sub 9 pin AMP SR type or screwed terminal block
    RS-232RJ-11 or screwed terminal block
    Two Relay OutputsScrewed terminal block
    Operating Temperature32 ° F -122 ° F (0 ° C – 50 ° C) 5 – 95% humidity
    Physical Dimensions7.17″H x 6.22″ W x 1.77″/2.17″ (182mm x 158mm x 45mm/55 mm)
    HousingABS + PC front cover and metal back plate