Web Reports

Jantek’s Web Reports is completely web-enabled and utilizes state of the art technology. It is a companion product to our Jupiter 9.0 SQL Time & Attendance Software.

Web Reports makes it easy for managers to perform reports on employee time and attendance information through the convenience of an intranet or Internet web page.

Software Features

Access via all popular browsers including Internet, Mozilla FireFox or Safari.

Enables management staff to view time card details, total hours worked and exceptions such as tardy arrivals and missing punches.

Employees may be sorted by their Employee ID or Last Name.

Filtering allows only a certain range of employee numbers or names, and date ranges can be specified to limit the amount of data displayed.

An Employee List displays the Hire Date, Job Date, and Seniority Date for each active employee.

Allows the most up-to-date reports as data is drawn directly from the Jupiter 9.0 SQL database.

Designed to operate under Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 and Linux network environments.