wireless web punch

Jantek’s Wireless Web Punch allows employees to clock IN and OUT using any Web-enabled cellular phone. In addition, users can perform Level changes (e.g. indicate they are working in a new Branch, Department, or Job), review total hours worked during the current pay period, or see their last punch. 

This inexpensive software module for Jupiter 9.0 makes it simple for anyone to register their attendance, from on-the-go businesspeople to bus drivers to farm workers.

No need to be at the work site, or even have a PC with Wireless Web Punch.

Software Features

Management can remotely configure Wireless Web Punch to operate in one of three available modes: (1) IN/OUT, (2) IN/OUT/Level Change, or (3) Swipe & Go.

Assuming the application is using mode 2, employees will be presented with the following menu when they sign in:

  • Punch IN
  • Punch OUT
  • Punch IN with Level (Branch, Department, Job) Change
  • View Total Hours
  • See Last Punch
  • No extra hardware needs to be installed for implementation; works on your existing Windows NT Server, Windows 2000 Server, and Windows XP Professional.

    Compatible with any Web-enabled cellular phone that supports Wireless Application Protocol (WAP).